vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 6.5 Backup and Restore – Part -2

By | February 7, 2017

In Previous post we have learn how to backup vCenter Server Appliance, In this Post we will restore the vCenter Appliance from latest backup.

Let’s restore the vCenter Appliance from previous backup

This approach is much similar to the Appliance deployment process and there are few differences in the steps. Let’s see how it goes.
First of all mount your VCSA 6.5 ISO to your management PC and run the installer which is in the /vcsa-ui-installer/win32″ folder

Once you get the Installer window select the “Restore” option to start the restoration

 Stage – 1 – Restoration: Deploy Appliance

Click “Next” in the Introduction window

Accept the EULA and click “Next” to continue
Provide the Protocol and the backup file location at the next step and click “Next” to the next step
Review the backup details and click “Next” to continue
Provide the target to deploy the appliance that can be an ESXi host or a vCenter
Accept the Certificate of the target host/vCenter, Click “Yes” to accept the Certificate
It will validate the connection
Provide the appliance name and the root password, confirm the password again. Click “Next” to continue
You can change the target Appliance Deployment size at the next step, here I can’t see the “Tiny” option as my previous appliance was setup as a small deployment size. If you need you can increase the size but not able to decrease it. Fair enough!
Click “Next” to continue
Select the Destination Datastore and if you need you can enable the “Thin Disk Mode”, in my case I’m running this VCSA in a test environment so Thin Disk mode is enabled. Click “Next” to continue
Select the Network Portgroup and the Network details, these details are self explanatory
Review the details and click “Finish” to start the deployment and the restoration
It will start the deployment and wait for the completion
Check the Virtual Machine status in the host Virtual Machine should be there

Stage – 2 Backup Restoration

Click “Next” in the Introduction window

Review the details and the click “Finish” to start the restoration

Warning! Message will be displayed. Click “Ok” to accept it. Once you start the restoration process it is not possible to stop or pause the process

Restoration process will start after that

I hope this has been informative and thank you for reading! Be social and share it on social media, if you feel worth sharing it…!!!

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