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By | June 29, 2018

VMware vSphere 6.7 has been announced by VMware recently and there are many enhancement and new features are available with this release. With this release vSphere CLI  also having enhancements and i was trying to under stand  what all new enhancement in my  6.7 Lab , ven though i tried with my lab i got reference from one the Blog on these details and it helped me to understand this quickly .

Apart from below available option there will be few additional commands if you are using any custom ISO .

Additional commands available with  custom ISO used in HPE  hardware

Below the Command List which is having enhancement and new commands , and it is total 62 number

ESXCLI Component Number of New Commands
Device 3
Hardware 6
Network 14
NVMe 14
Storage 9
System 6
vSAN 7

esxcli device

Commands used to manage devices and available options are create, list and delete software devices ,drivers

esxcli hardware cpu cpuid raw
In previous versions only a subset of CPUID fields was available. The new raw command displays all CPUID fields for a given CPU.

esxcli hardware ipmi bmc
Allows configuration of IPMI Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) properties. OS name and OS version can be configured.

  • esxcli hardware ipmi bmc get
  • esxcli hardware ipmi bmc set

esxcli hardware power policy
Provides information and configuration options for system power policies.

  • esxcli hardware power policy choices list
  • esxcli hardware power policy get
  • esxcli hardware power policy set

esxcli iscsi adapter target lun list

Displays iSCSI LUN (Channel-, Target-, LUN numbers and LUN size) information

Here there is no iSCSI luns , so list is empty .

esxcli network ens
A bunch of new commands to configure ens (Enhanced Networking Stack) logical core affinity.

  • esxcli network ens lcore add
  • esxcli network ens lcore affinity get
  • esxcli network ens lcore affinity set
  • esxcli network ens lcore list
  • esxcli network ens lcore remove
  • esxcli network ens lcore switch add
  • esxcli network ens lcore switch get
  • esxcli network ens lcore switch remove
  • esxcli network ens maxLcores get
  • esxcli network ens maxLcores

esxcli network nic queue loadbalancer

This command using for displaying the details from installed and loaded NetQueue balancer plugins on physical NICs. Plugins can be enabled or disabled with the plugin set command. NetQueue has the  ability of some network adapters to deliver network traffic to the system in multiple receive queues that can be processed separately .

  • esxcli network nic queue loadbalancer plugin list
  • esxcli network nic queue loadbalancer plugin set
  • esxcli network nic queue loadbalancer state list
  • esxcli network nic queue loadbalancer state set

esxcli nvme device

New NVMe device namespace and feature configuration capabilities.

  • esxcli nvme device controller list
  • esxcli nvme device feature cap
  • esxcli nvme device feature apst get
  • esxcli nvme device feature hi get
  • esxcli nvme device feature hmb get
  • esxcli nvme device feature kat get
  • esxcli nvme device feature kat set
  • esxcli nvme device feature lba get
  • esxcli nvme device feature spm get
  • esxcli nvme device feature spm set
  • esxcli nvme device namespace attach
  • esxcli nvme device namespace create
  • esxcli nvme device namespace delete
  • esxcli nvme device namespace detach

esxcli rdma

This Command using for list all enabled RDMA protocols and delete iser logical devices.

RDMA – Remote direct memory access

ISER   – iSCSI Extensions for RDMA

esxcli storage 

it is very useful command fro all storage related activities

esxcli storage core device vaai

List the ats, clone, delete and zero VAAI attributes for the devices.

  • esxcli storage core device vaai ats list
  • esxcli storage core device vaai clone list
  • esxcli storage core device vaai delete list
  • esxcli storage core device vaai zero list

esxcli storage hpp

Commands to display information about devices controlled by the hpp (VMware High Performance Plugin).

  • esxcli storage hpp device list
  • esxcli storage hpp device set
  • esxcli storage hpp device usermarkedssd list
  • esxcli storage hpp path list

esxcli system clock
Display and configure clock phase correction settings. The default positive or negative phase correction is configured to 48 hours (172800 seconds)

  • esxcli system clock get
  • esxcli system clock set

system security fips140
Enable or disable FIPS140 mode for rhttpproxy and ssh.vSphere 6.7 uses FIPS 140-2 validated Cryptographic Modules which for example enforces specific secure encryption ciphers.

  • esxcli system security fips140 rhttpproxy get
  • esxcli system security fips140 rhttpproxy set
  • esxcli system security fips140 ssh get
  • esxcli system security fips140 ssh set

esxcli vsan

This command using to perform vSAN related operations

esxcli vsan datastore
Addition to above image exploring on datastore commands  , it is using to create and configure vSAN datastores. Creating datastores is only allowed if vSAN is enabled on the host and generally , add should be done at cluster level. Because the point is vSAN cluster is across the hosts and vSAN datastores should be in sync with all the hosts .

  • esxcli vsan datastore add
  • esxcli vsan datastore clear
  • esxcli vsan datastore list
  • esxcli vsan datastore remove

esxcli vsan debug

There is a new features for debugging vSAN features. It allows to Start/Stop the vSAN Managed Object Browser Service and to perform a host evacuation precheck.

  • esxcli vsan debug evacuation precheck
  • esxcli vsan debug mob start
  • esxcli vsan debug mob

vSphere 6.7 CLI Reference

Reference Blog

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